Every city in the world has its own unique market, to have a chance to visit the local market and to experience the taste, smell, colors of the country it´s a must for local and tourist, in fact it´s a big tasty party full off great food and amazing wine.


The Carmelmarket is the biggest market in Tel Aviv,

We invite you to join us to a culinary tour in the Carmel market and The Yemenite quarter.

Together we will discover a new world in the heart of the city,

We will meet extraordinary people that are all living their dream, we will take you to hidden and magical places inside the market.

Throughout the tour we will experience different tastes off coffee, wine, herbs, spices, the best local thini and local halva that is made in the market and much more!


*We also offer with additional fee to finish the tour with a 10 course meal in a gourmet restaurant "Hatraklin" 


The tour is in 4 different languages to your choice:





For registration and more info please contact us via


Mail:   mstrmarket@gmail.com